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The main idea was to co-create a youth exchange that promotes personal well-being, sustainable relationships, and sustainable lifestyles among youth. With this in mind, The Art of Eco-Living was created as a reminder to slow down, ground, and connect, while creating a rich, immersive learning environment where sustainability principles were actively practiced and internalized. 

Participants had the opportunity to experience a sustainable way of life within an educational eco-village setting, El Molino de Guadalmesi while co-living with a group in sync with the natural rhythms of the rich surroundings in the south of Spain.

For 10 days we were diving into the heartbeat of the community by sharing the daily tasks and responsibilities that keep the community alive; peer-to-peer learning spaces involved activities such as cooking, cleaning, gardening, hands-on maintenance, and upgrading of the existing shared spaces.

We were learning and practicing self-reflection skills, conflict resolution tools, such as nonviolent communication, and self-expression skills like the activity Forum. 

The blending of different cultures has happened through sharing and teaching knowledge, fostering intercultural dialogue while moving and flowing together, and breaking down prejudices and stereotypes through activities promoting reflection, communication, and shared experiences.

Throughout the project we strived to instill a sense of responsibility, awareness, and engagement among youth, preparing them to embrace and advocate for sustainable practices in their lives, communities, and beyond.

As we look back on the experience of the previous summer a quote from one of our participants rings in our ears: ‘’Here’s to journey’s that teach us, moments that move us, and friendships forge in shared purpose.’’