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European Day of Sustainable Communities

Engaging Youth in European Sustainable Communities

The European Day of Sustainable Communities is one of ECOLISE’s flagship events. It is a celebration of local communities taking action for a healthier, fairer, regenerative Europe. It takes place on the third Saturday of September each year.

Sunny Hill is an active member of ECOLISE.

Addressing the climate and biodiversity crises in Europe calls for innovation and collective action. Around the world, young people are leading climate action and social justice movements in their communities.

This year, coinciding with the European Year of Youth, the 6th European Day of Sustainable Communities, #EDSC2022, provides a platform to celebrate and support the young leaders and citizens that are shaping our present and future communities across Europe.

EDSC2022, Engaging Youth in European Sustainable Communities, will take place on Saturday 17 September 2022

To join the European Day of Sustainable Communities, we invite you to organise and register an event, big or small, in person or online, to showcase action for climate and sustainability at the local community level, with a particular focus on young people and youth-led initiatives. We invite events taking place throughout the month of September, with the main celebration on Saturday 17 September 2022. 


We invite any community that is taking action for a better world to join us in celebrating the European Day of Sustainable Communities. This year is an opportunity to shine the spotlight on inspiring young leaders and youth-led initiatives.

Previously, the day has been celebrated by community gardens, energy cooperatives, cafes, churches, ecovillages, housing associations, permaculture gatherings, arts festivals, schools, universities, transition town groups, to name but a few.


EDSC events can be big or small, in person, online or hybrid. Previous events have included open days, conferences, apple harvests, tours, concerts, shared meals, film-screenings, hackathons – let your imagination run wild! For inspiration, explore the EDSC event map and read about last year’s events.

This year, we are partnering with: 


The European Day of Sustainable Communities is on Saturday 17 September 2022. We invite events taking place throughout the month of September, with the main celebration on 17 September.


Plan your event for September and register it here. By doing so you become a co-creator of the day. If you like you can reach out to the National Contact Point in your country. Download the communications kit and spread the word about your event.


All across the world communities are taking action for a better world. Thousands of community initiatives across Europe are making life healthier, fairer and more sustainable.

Research shows that such initiatives are highly effective in reducing ecological footprints, building social capital and enhancing local economies. And we know that strong local communities have stood resilient in the face of the pandemic.

#EDSC shines a light on these initiatives. It builds support for community-led action from policy makers and inspires the wider public. It also provides a moment for communities to take stock, and to celebrate their transformative work.

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