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Individual volunteering opportunities

April – August 2024

2 – 4 months, starting anytime between 20th April and 15th of June.



Sunny Hill is a sustainable homestead run by a couple in their mid-50s. Together with volunteers and a group of individuals who regularly spend longer periods on the spot we form a small and cozy community. 

Sunny Hill is also a venue for weekend and week-long workshops and events, connected to nature, community building, and sustainable lifestyles. 

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What will you do?

Early spring is a planting season. You will learn how to prepare beds for planting, and transplant seedlings. We will plant spring and summer crops. During the summer months we are taking care of the plants, harvest and conserve them for winter. Summer is also a season for picking wild herbs. You will cover the beds with organic material, learn how to take care of goats and chicken, milk, and make cheese and yogurt. Occasionally we will also help other farmers in the area.

Working hours: 5 hours a day / 5 days a week + some household tasks; cooking and cleaning occasionally.

We have a morning circle at 8.00 where we share working tasks and a weekly emotional circle to reflect upon our general wellbeing.

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The volunteer will work on the organic garden, take care of our goats and milk products, take care of the surroundings of the estate, and do household work.


Sunny Hill is a suitable environment for nature lovers, who love silence, and enjoy long walks, reading books, painting, or playing instruments. It’s for people who enjoy working outside. The work is often organized independently (with the previous assistance of the coordinator). 

For many, staying at Sunny Hill has been a life-changing experience, that through the connection with nature brought them to a better connection with themselves.

The nearest shop and bar are 6 km away. The town of Koper is reachable by public transport Mon – Friday 3 times a day.  From Koper, there are good connections to neighboring coastal towns and the city of Trieste in Italy. The locals are kind but reserved towards foreigners. 

Everyday life at Sunny Hill

Living at Sunny Hill offers an opportunity to combine office work with working outside. We have morning check-ins with volunteers and share tasks for the day. The community comes together for lunch and for dinner. Once a week we hold a community meeting where we share how we feel, celebrate what we achieved in the past week, and look at the plans for the next week. This is also the place to address any discomfort and share proposals for improvements. 

Once a week we clean the house collectively, and we share household and maintenance tasks equally. 


The house was renovated in 2016 and offers comfortable living conditions. We use dry toilets to save water, and we use only environment-friendly cosmetics and cleaning products, as we recycle water and use it for our gardens.

ESC volunteers will have a private room equipped with a bed, a closet, and a desk. The size of the room is about 12 m2. 

We share a kitchen, bathroom, and living room. Usually, there are between 4-8 people in the house including volunteers and guests. When we organise events the number of people in the house can increase up to 20.


We eat lunch and dinner together, breakfast is self-organised.  We cook in turns; each day another person is responsible for the kitchen. 

We cook vegetarian food, from mainly local and organic ingredients. We achieve a high level of self-sufficiency with fresh vegetables throughout the year. We have goats and from April – November we produce goat cheese and yogurt. We also have chickens for eggs.  We respect different dietary needs and preferences. 


You can read more about ESC program here:

Accommodation, food, and travel costs are covered by the program. Travel costs are refunded on the basis of your travel ticket and have a maximum cap that depends on the travel distance, and whether you travel by land (green) or by airplane. We highly encourage you to travel green (by land).


You can reach Sunny Hill by public transport from the city of Koper.

If you travel by Bus or Train from Europe you look for tickets to either Trieste or Ljubljana and from there to Koper.

For bus connection from Trieste to Koper  follow this link

For bus connections from Ljubljana to Koper follow this link

For train connections from Ljubljana to Koper follow this link. 

From Koper to Sunny Hill 

Timetable on Look for the destination Belvedur or Hrvoji.  

There are buses at  15.15, 17.15 and 19.15 from Koper bus station to Hrvoji or Belvedur.  From Belvedur, you walk straight for 10 minutes (don’t turn right for Topolovec!) and you will arrive at the Hrvoji village. Turn right after the Hrvoji sign and walk 200 m uphill to the bell tower. We are in the big white house below the church. 

If you arrive at Koper later than 19.15 you can call a taxi (the cost is 40 EUR and can’t be refunded by the program).  


The climate is sub-mediterranean with mild winters and hot summers. Sunny Hill is 450 m above sea level, which makes the climate a bit fresher in the summer. 

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