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Luxurious simplicity in Slovene Istra

Sunny Hill association for sustainable culture of living operates in remote rural area of Slovene Istra. It is part of a bigger project Sunny Hills of Istria that works towards sustainable revitalization of this depopulated area. The association organises workshops, retreats, conferences and events immersed in pristine nature, away form the hustle and bustle of the cities but still, only half hour away from tourist centers at Slovene and Croatian Adriatic coast. The work of association is entangled in a vibrant community that hosts long and short term volunteers who help with the household, maintenance, garden and whatever is on the to do list at a time.

Luxuris simplicity is a concept of simple lifestile that doesn’t deprive us from the basic comfort of the modern times.  We share tools and cars, we try to buy only necessary stuff, repair, upcycle and recycle whenever possible, buy bulk and cook together. We are trying to be conscious how our actions effect the environment, other humans and other living beings.

Vrt jesen 2017