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Sunny Hills of Istria is a project that aims for sustainable revitalization of the rural area of Slovene Istra. The project is currently run by two people, a couple who maintain what has been built in the past 10 years by many people who lived here for longer or shorter periods and left a mark on this beautiful place.  Sunny Hill has been a temporary home and resting place for many who needed time for reflection, travelers who needed rest before heading towards new exciting adventures, writers, and poets who needed a peaceful environment for writing, and people who wished to experience another way of life. Life in the rhythm of nature, directed by the seasons, and weather conditions. 

Luxurious simplicity is a concept of a simple lifestyle that doesn’t restrict us from the basic comfort of modern times.  We try to buy only necessary stuff, repair, upcycle, and recycle whenever possible, buy bulk, produce our food, and cook together. We are conscious of how our actions affect the environment, other humans, and other living beings.

We host workshops, retreats, conferences, and events immersed in pristine nature, away from the hustle of the cities but still, only half an hour away from tourist centers on Slovene and Croatian Adriatic coast. The 200-year-old traditional Istrian building where the events take place was fully renovated in 2016 and exhibits sustainable solutions such as compost toilets, reedbeds for wastewater treatment, clay plasters, and more. The house can host 12 – 18 people. 

We accept volunteers who help with the household, maintenance, organic gardens, goats, and whatever is on the to-do list at a given time.  The hosts, volunteers, and long-term guests live and work together in luxurious simplicity following four guidelines: agreement of people, harmony of space, resonance of life, and joy of co-existence.

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