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Green reset youth exchange – our jouney

Youth exchange in Istria, Slovenia, 15 – 24 June 2022

The Green reset youth exchange was a sanctuary for participants from Germany, Slovenia, Italy and Latvia that invited them to explore their inner world with the aim for them to become more aware of their usage of digital devices and expand their knowledge about sustainable practices.

Firstly we created a safe and connected group where participants could easier discover their interests, which are often obscured by the expectations of others (relatives, society, etc.).

During our exchange, the exploration of sustainable practices happened both structured and spontaneously since we held the stay at Sunny hill, which is an eco-community operating according to permacultural principles.

Participants were encouraged to define how they would change/replace digital technology. To keep it real, participants received a letter from themselves a month after the exchange.

Accordingly, we were thrilled to see greater changes in the participants than expected – this was especially evident when we had a joint meeting three months after the end of the exchange and participants shared about their life after the exchange; changes in their outlook on life, more optimism, the ability to assert one’s desires, and a reduced level of abuse of digital technology could be detected.

On the following link you can find our BOOKLET, where you can find their evaluation,
uncensored, to get a better view of their experience of our journey!

BOOKLET of the GREEN RESET youth exchange >>

Co-funded by Erasmus+