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WESEEN: EU Networks for Sustainable Future

Erasmus+ Strategic partnership 2021 – 2023

European Networks for Sustainable Future is a project for exchange of good practice and peer to peer learning between national networks that connect sustainable communities and community led initiatives from seven European countries. The objective of this partnership is to connect on the regional level and explore possibilities for future regional cooperation.

The aim is to connect these networks regionally to better serve their member organisations by providing high quality trainings and mentoring programs on socio-economic, environmental and cultural topics of sustainability. Each member organisation has valuable experience and expertise in some area that can inspire others. Exchange of experience, knowledge and examples of good practices that will happen during this project will mutually inspire partners to be able to offer even better and more holistic support to their members.

This connection will happen in two separate and fairly diverse European regions. One regional network will be created between GEN Netherlands, Oasis France and Samenhuizen from Belgium. Two organisations from Luxembourg will join this project as associate partners interested to join this new regional network once it will be formed. Another regional network will be formed between three partners who represent countries that are geographically placed on the junction between South and North, and East and West Europe: Permaculture Croatia, Felkelo Nap Hungary and Sunny Hill Slovenia. One Serbian organisation will join as an associate partner in the formation of this regional network.

Participants practicing the art of networking!

(Text and photo source: GEN Europe)