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Dreams can come true with the help of the Dragon dreaming method for collaborative creation

We are excited  to have John Croft the creator of the Dragon dreaming method comming to Sunny Hill in order to  present this powerfool tool for collective project management. Together with his peer, Lizandra Barbuto from Brazil they will hold two different workshops: Dragon dreaming intensive and Removing blockages

The three principles that sustain the integrated vision of method, model and philosophy of Dragon Dreaming and the successful projects that result from its application are:

  •      Personal growth: commitment to the healing and empowerment of all participants;
  •      Community Building: strengthening and promotion of resilience in the communities of which we are part; and
  •      Service to the Earth: working for the regeneration, well being and flourishing of life itself.

Socially, economically, politically, ecologically, technologically, educationally and culturally we are now in the midst of a huge worldwide interconnected crisis, where many people around the world are trying to find individual solutions to challenges arising in these separate and different fields. The Dragon Dreaming approach offers us the possibility of a new and fully integrated paradigm that simultaneously takes care of ourselves, individually, and of the planet we are sharing with others, collectively.  Building a better world requires discovering how to put a new win-win-win culture into practice, in a way that is applicable to everyday life. We do this by creating and implementing successful projects at many different scales and contexts. Dragon Dreaming is thus a proven and inspiring way to create such projects through which each of us can move beyond the dream and make a real difference in the world.

John Croft explains Dragon dreaming